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Industry Drone Frame T2

Full carbon fiber made
Waterproof and dustproof
Detachable arm
Power redundancy
long flight time
Industry Drone Frame T2
  • Industry Drone Frame T2
  • Industry Drone Frame T2
  • Industry Drone Frame T2
  • Industry Drone Frame T2
Carbon Fiber is an extremely light weight reinforcing fiber derived from the element carbon. Sometimes known as graphite fiber, when this extremely strong material is combined with a polymer resin, a superior composite carbon fiber quadcopter frame is produced.

Black in color, carbon fiber is produced by two different methods known as PAN or Pitch. Thousands of tiny strands of carbon are produced and combined to create a filament. Using textile techniques, these filaments are then woven or stitched together to create cloth like fabrics that used in the composite structure.

The Drone frame T2 comes with many great features.

Its one-time forming carbon fiber reduces weight while still keep the stiffness, which makes it stronger and lighter for long time (up to 60 minutes) flying tasks. For instance, equipped with a small camera like Copromote firefighter is able to monitor the fire scene for a long time which is crucial for the fire fighting. Also, you might use it for 3D mapping and other long time aerial photography tasks.

Furthermore, with a glass fiber canopy, the GPS signal will not be blocked. Its detachable frame arm makes T2 very easy to carry and easy for maintenance.
Another very useful feature is its waterproofness and dustproof, which enable the drone to fly under most weather conditions, like rainy days. In this case, it is an idea tool for police security monitoring, firefighting, emergency research and rescue.

1) Full carbon fiber made
2) Light weight, stiff and stable, long flight time
3) Detachable arm, easy for carrying and maintenance
4) Waterproof and dustproof
5) Power redundancy makes it more reliable

The frame is designed for heavy payload more than 30KG.

The item is just the frame, not include motor, propeller, ESC, flight controller, battery, transmitter etc. You may need buy these parts extra!

Parameter of the Frame:

Symmetrical Motor Wheelbase: 130CM
Centre plate diameter: about 40CM
Center thickness: 3.0MM
Arm Size: 31MM * 35MM (Thickness 2.0MM)
Frame Weight (with landing gear): 4.3KG
Expanded Size: Length:140CM Width:140CM Height:54CM (Without Paddle)
Folded Size: length Length:63CM Width:58CM Height:69CM
The Frame has strong enough structure to bear above 100KG payload. So, it is suitable for some heavy carrying application.


Carbon Fiber

Diagonal Wheelbase

1200 |1600 mm (1200-1600mm optional)

Material Thickness





4.8|6.2 Kg

Bear Weight

30 Kg

Max Motor Size

Diameter <93mm



Anti-wind Grade 


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