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Drone Frame

Having a good quadcopter frame is just as important as having good electronics, as drone depend on lightweight, sturdy hulls for mounting components. There are limitless frame designs that vary in shapes, materials and dimensions. Stiffer frames result in better flight characteristics since less bending and warping can occur, meaning your quadcopter will be able to have a smooth and stable flight.

One of the materials of mini quad frame that is most common for drone frames is carbon fiber.

These frames of fpv kit drone are great for drones because of their physical properties which makes them perfectly suited for the hobby.

The most common drone categories are aerial cinematography, sport, sport FPV, mini, and diy drone frame FPV. All of them will need a different frame, from aerial cinematography quadcopters that will need tall landing gear and be large enough to lift a high quality camera, to sport quadcopters that are very light weight, fast, and have extremely responsive control.

When you have finally picked the right mini quadcopter frame, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you know how you are going to mount the flight controller. This is because certain flight controller boards come with cases that allow you to use double sided sticky tape so you can mount it to any frame, because, most boards only have mounting holes.