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Development Trend of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Brief Introduction
Generally speaking, unmanned aerial vehicle can be divided into two categories: consumer level and industrial level. The former is mainly used in entertainment scenes, such as aerial photography, tracking and so on, while the latter is used in agriculture, forestry, plant protection, logistics, security patrol, oil and gas exploitation and other industries. Technically, the threshold for consumer UAV for sale is not high. Some industry insiders say that the open source program can support takeoff and landing. Therefore, a large amount of money has poured into the field of consumer unmanned aerial vehicle in recent years, resulting in the competition in this market showing the situation of the red sea.

Developing trend
Consumer unmanned aerial vehicle will present three major trends: first, enterprises that can develop special application scenarios will be further favored by the market, such as meeting the needs of elderly outdoor walking unmanned aerial vehicle; second, the intelligent upgrade of unmanned aerial vehicle functions and the formation of effective consumer experience will win the recognition of consumers, such as many novice control of unmanned aerial vehicle automatic return function and mileage function;third, enterprises from the consumer level to the industrial level, such as Dajiang, leading enterprises, are also positively positioned in the field of agricultural plant protection.

Unlike the product standardization and application homogenization of consumer drones for sale, industrial unmanned aerial vehicle users pay more attention to the accuracy of unmanned aerial vehicle data acquisition, and the value of resource analysis and utilization based on it. Therefore, the understanding ability of unmanned aerial vehicle enterprises is the core competitiveness of unmanned aerial vehicle enterprises. Unmanned aerial vehicle enterprises can find their own market positioning and vane only if they really understand the development needs of users and even better design related technical solutions. On this basis, industrial unmanned aerial vehicle not only needs to develop their own strong professional capabilities, but also need to effectively use artificial intelligence and big data technology to expand unique application scenarios and accurate service products.

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