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Consumer Drone

Aerial Photography Drone For Sale

UAV aerial images have the advantages of high definition, large scale, small area, and high visibility. It is especially suitable for obtaining aerial images of highways, railways, rivers, reservoirs, coastlines, etc. in belt-shaped areas. Aerial Photography Drone provides a convenient remote sensing platform for aerial photography. TTF Aerial Photography Drone can meet your various shooting needs.

Got an interest in photography or videography and want to see the world from a new perspective? Grab a ready to fly aerial photography drone or custom build your own.

Selfie Drone For Sale

Selfie Drones have changed the way people are taking pictures…

They are designed with selfies in mind, having certain functions, such as facial recognition, to be able to narrow down the activity you’re doing, where you are, etc to get the perfect shot.

Our foldable selfie drone come in a variety of designs, most are slim or compact, some are pocket size and foldable, all are designed with portability in mind. They can be easily packed or carried and once launched, position itself correctly, do its task and return. Some will even let you share your shots on social media with the push of a button.

Racing Drone For Sale

Drone racing is a process designed to focus on racing small or large FPV drones on selected routes. Drone racing is so popular at this time that there are many competitions around the world. Obviously, you can also try to enter the world of drone racing, which is why choosing some of the bestracing drones can be a very important point!

Professional race drone is growing in popularity each year. What is exactly is racing drone? Drone racers compete in heats or time trials, speeding around courses at anything up to 70 mph! Using first-person-view headsets, drone racers are able to see all the action happening from the drone’s perspective as they weave their way through the drone racing course. Drone racing appeals to drone flying hobbyist, aspiring pilots and computer game fans alike. Drone racing has all the adrenaline of flight, while also providing enough crashes, smashes, and collisions to keep even the most ardent sports fans happy. You can check our website, maybe you can find some drones that you are interested in.

Mini Drone For Sale

Mini drones are affordable and can fit comfortably in any bag, but they still provide the same fun as more expensive models. According to your choice, you don't have to be satisfied with the quasi-bone quadcopter. You can even enjoy advanced driving features such as altitude hold or camera.

Our mini flyer drone is quite durable, easy to carry around and can be flown just about anywhere. 

With multidirectional controls and motion-sensitive stabilizers, our mini drone offers nimble, precise navigation for exciting entertainment. The 2.4GHz remote lets you perform aerial combination moves like 360° flips. And they have two functions: Headless mode and Hover mode.

They can supply a lot of fun and enjoyment for young and old alike. now most come with HD cameras and many other updated features. If you want to buy cheap consumer drones, please contact us!