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Comparison of Agricultural UAVs and Traditional Spraying Technology

In the past, the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests were carried out by using traditional manual spraying technology. However, this traditional spraying technology is not only unsafe, but also very inefficient. It has long been unable to meet the development of agriculture. The emergence of agricultural UAVs has greatly solved the problem. So what are the advantages of agricultural UAV spraying compared to traditional spraying technology?

1. Agricultural UAVs are safer than traditional spraying technology

Agricultural UAVs can be used for low-altitude agricultural situation monitoring, plant protection, and crop-assisted pollination. The most commonly used in plant protection is to spray pesticides. A plant protection agricultural UAV with camera can fly multiple times to inspect the farmland, helping farmers to more accurately understand the growth of food, so as to spray pesticides in a more targeted manner to prevent pests or remove reeds. Its efficiency is a hundred times faster than manual spraying, and it can also avoid the poisoning danger of manual spraying.

2. Agricultural UAVs are better than traditional spraying technology

The rotor of agricultural drones for spraying pesticides produces downward airflow, which disturbs the crop blades, and the liquid is easier to infiltrate, which can reduce the amount of pesticides and achieve the best spraying effect, greatly improving the operation efficiency and achieving more effective insect killing effect. However, the traditional spraying technology is slow and inefficient, and it is prone to failure, and it may also prevent crops from being marketed early.

3. Agricultural UAVs are more economical than traditional spraying technology

The price of plant protection agricultural UAV spraying service for one acre of land is cheap, and the time is only about 1 minute. Compared with the previous traditional spraying technology, it saves cost, manpower and time. The difference between the two is that it can not only prevent crop disasters early, without wasting resources, but also spray evenly and cover comprehensively. It is a good helper for plant protection operations!

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