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Break Tradition: Improve Farming Efficiency with Agricultural UAV

The improvement of agricultural production efficiency used to be the improvement of chemical fertilizers, but now it is brought about by the use of agricultural machinery. Intelligent equipment such as drones has become a weapon for farmers to improve production efficiency and save costs.

1. Improve the efficiency depending on UAV agricultural applications

Shenzhen TitanFlying Technology Co., Ltd is committed to creating intelligent and efficient agricultural machinery and agricultural services, and to provide farmers with agricultural solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. The "flying over the crops" series of agricultural drones developed and launched are diversified, accurate, efficient, and intelligent, which contribute to the improvement of production efficiency, the improvement of crop quality and yield.

Take rice planting as an example, the TTF agricultural UAV has the world's first precision direct seeding technology for rice. The planting is accurate, quantitative, and efficient. The planting efficiency is nearly 8 times that of artificial seeding and 30 times that of artificial planting. In other words, what used to require 30 people to do can now be done by one person and an agricultural drone. With the improvement of efficiency, cost reduction, and increase in output, planting benefits naturally go up.

The fuselage adopts a cross eight-rotor power layout, and 5 fan-shaped pressure nozzles are arranged horizontally to spray at the same time, so that the effective spraying range exceeds 9 meters, and the spraying efficiency is as high as 200 mu per hour. "The change is to manually spray the mountain orchard with drugs. It can't be done without 8 to 10 people, let alone the difficulty of recruiting workers now, and the labor is expensive!" Mr. Jiang, a big grower, lamented that the drone helped him a lot. The increase in production efficiency also reduces the dependence on labor.

2. One agricultural drone with multiple uses, the "Almighty King" of agricultural production

The changes brought by TTF agricultural UAV to agricultural production are all-round, not only efficiency, but also agricultural production mode. 

Imagine that when the TTF agricultural drone is planting seeds in the farmland, after the planting is completed, the quick switching of the functional carrier can spray insects, weeds, and fertilize. During the whole process, there is no need to go to the fields, let alone the problem of large-scale machinery getting stuck. The diversified usage scenarios fully meet the requirements of planting and field management during crop planting. It is enough for farmers to purchase one machine, which truly realizes "one drone in hand, worry-free farming"!

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