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Best Indoor Mini Drone May Open A New Era

TTF's home drone assistant features voice control, anomaly detection, security alerts, etc. In other words, this is a “housekeeper drone” that combines various types of alarm functions such as artificial intelligence, fire alarm, and burglar alarm.

The exterior of the TTF mini drone toy is designed as a soft fabric to prevent someone from accidentally bumping into it and getting injured. The fuselage is 14 inches high and the whole machine is 12 inches thick. It has abandoned the previous external rotor type design and looks cumbersome but actually practical. It can fly at home and automatically avoid obstacles.

The TTF drone can be automatically started from the charging dock and automatically docked for charging at the end of the work. The best indoor mini drone has four sonar sensors and a 3D depth camera. When you are away from home, you can remotely control Aire to any place you want to see, check every corner of the home, and perform automatic security monitoring.

First of all, the monitoring function of TTF UAV for sale can be completed by installing a camera that can be rotated. Install cameras for several areas that you want to focus on. You can operate it by simply turning on your phone or computer when you want to check your home status. Moreover, the cameras can achieve 24-hour monitoring after being powered on.

Secondly, the abnormal monitoring function of TTF can also be completed by the smoke alarm device and the anti-theft alarm device.
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