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Application of ESC UAV Remote Sensing Technology in Agricultural Irrigation

1. Remote sensing technology of ESC UAV

UAV remote sensing technology generally uses satellites and large aircraft as remote sensing platforms to conduct large-area observations and obtain rich comprehensive data. However, traditional remote sensing has the problem of insufficient resolution in data collection and analysis at the hour and space scale.

If a small ESC UAV is used as a new low-cost remote sensing platform, it will well make up for the shortcomings of traditional remote sensing, and will achieve great success in local remote sensing and emergency monitoring. The remote sensing technology of agricultural drones requires that the instruments on board take up small space, light weight, and have excellent shock resistance.

The optical remote sensing technology of ag drones has a series of advantages such as small space, short time, simple imaging, and low cost. It is equipped with a synthetic multi-function detector, uses near-infrared light as a remote sensing measurement method, collects multi-band spectral data, and relies on the ground operation station to control the UAV.

2. Application of ESC UAV remote sensing technology in agricultural irrigation

The traditional soil moisture measurement method has a long sampling time and point data, which cannot meet the requirements of large-area space and long-term soil moisture dynamics, and has no significant representativeness. UAV remote sensing technology can solve these problems well.

Agricultural drones are equipped with remote sensing equipment to comprehensively analyze the collected microwave image data reflected back from the soil. Comparing with the established model, the specific soil moisture content can be obtained, and the fuzzy area of the image can be re-observed by automatic or manual real-time task setting and route adjustment of the UAV.

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