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Application of Drones in Agricultural Water Saving Technology

Under the trend of extremely water resource shortage, developing modern water-saving agriculture vigorously and enhancing water resource utilization are the inevitable choices to relieve the water shortage contradiction. Soil moisture is one of the important parameters in modern water-saving agriculture research, it is also an important element for the Agricultural Production Research Institute. It has a significant relation with the transmission and balance of moisture and heat between the ground and the atmosphere. The monitoring of soil moisture could not only help to understand the soil conditions of the farmlands and to assess the crops growth trend but more importantly, it helps to determine the water demand of crops accurately and timely in order to take reasonable water-saving irrigation methods to achieve the purpose of water resources saving and water moisture utilization improving.

Even though the traditional soil moisture monitoring method could achieve the purpose of monitoring soil moisture, but due to its short monitoring time and a small range, the measured data has poor representative, it’s unable to achieve comprehensive real-time soil moisture dynamic monitoring. In recent years, both domestic and international scholars have gradually started to use remote sensing methods to monitor soil moisture on research. The use of microwave remote sensing, near and far infrared remote sensing to monitor soil moisture can expand the monitoring range, and the accuracy of monitoring results is high. And it combines remote sensing technology with other methods to monitor soil moisture. Gradually it becomes the developing trend for soil moisture monitoring.

Drone’s low flying height and slow speed not only reduced the restriction of external factors, compared with other instruments. It also has the advantages of high accuracy and good timeliness of monitoring data. As a new method of retrieving remote sensing data, Drone’s remote sensing technology is used in modern agriculture in increasing trend. Using drone’s near-infrared light equipment to achieve the comprehensive survey of soil, and through the comparative analysis of soil images, obtained the soil moisture and its correlation coefficient, in further to ensure the plausibility of soil moisture monitoring. The use of the drone for soil moisture monitoring is not only cost lower but also has stronger timeliness and practicality. Real-time and comprehensive monitoring of soil moisture by ag drones for sale is the developing trend in agricultural monitoring technology, it plays an extremely important role in facilitating the development of modern agricultural water-saving technology.

Furthermore, with the constant progress of science and technology, the development of agriculture is gradually becoming intensive, precise, and intelligent. The application of drones for agricultural operations has a considerable amount of economic and social value. Due to its high work efficiency and low labor costs and other features, drones have outstanding advantages in agricultural situation monitoring, information collection, and plant protection, providing a powerful boost for pushing the modernization of agriculture.

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