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Agricultural UAV in the New Era of Intelligent Agriculture

The traditional image of a farmer is standing in the field, looking up at the sky, anxiously waiting for a light rain, so as to bring hope. However, with the continuous development and exploration of science, new discoveries have been made in agriculture. The current image of farmers may have earth-shaking changes, and plant protection agricultural UAVs will gradually move towards a new era of agricultural intelligence.

1. Extension of agricultural UAV operations

Agricultural drones for sale continue to expand their application functions, and their prices continue to fall. In addition to field crops such as rice, corn, wheat, and cotton, agricultural UAVs have gradually expanded to include fruits and vegetables such as grapes, citrus, and eggplant, as well as economic crops such as peanuts, oil sunflowers and rapeseed. The function of agricultural UAVs extends from simple plant protection to operations such as planting and fertilizing.

2. Operation of agricultural UAVs

Compared with traditional plant protection machinery, agricultural UAVs are not restricted by terrain conditions and can enter paddy fields, hills, mountains and other places where plant protection machinery cannot enter to carry out efficient operations. In addition, agricultural UAVs have realized the separation of humans and pesticides, ensuring the safety of operators, effectively reducing the use of pesticides and water consumption, and are significantly better than manual spraying in terms of safety, environmental protection, prevention and control effects, and costs. In the process of field operations, agricultural UAVs will automatically record data such as pesticide spraying, fertilization, sowing amount, geographic location, and operating time to provide data support for the development of smart agriculture and provide forecasts and guidance for agricultural producers. From this perspective, agricultural UAVs are the key to smart agriculture.

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