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AG Drones Have Promising Application Prospects

Currently, pesticide drones are the most widely used. Compared with traditional sprayers carried by humans, pesticide drones are not restricted by terrain, have high operating efficiency, low labor intensity, and save water and medicine. In addition, because people and machines, and people and medicine are separated, it is safer to use pesticide drones.

1. The application prospects of AG drones

In addition to pesticide application in farmland, AG drones can also monitor agricultural conditions and estimate yields. UAVs equipped with multi-spectral sensors can accurately collect data and draw "prescription maps" to reflect crop growth, diseases and insect pests in a timely manner. It can not only spray pesticides in a targeted manner to prevent diseases and insect pests, but also estimate crops based on the collected data.

In addition, AG drones have also begun to have some applications in agricultural production links such as seeding and fertilization. For example, drones can be used for direct seeding of rice when planting rice, and drones can be used for direct seeding of grass seeds when controlling desertification, water, fertilizer, and pellets. Fertilizers such as water fertilizers, granular fertilizer and other fertilizers can also be fertilized by drones.

Once there is a mature and standardized ecosystem forming in the agricultural drones for sale industry, it will have a lot to do in the agricultural field in the future.

2. Related advantages of AG drones

First of all, the efficiency of spraying drones is very high, scale operations can reach 120-150 mu per hour, and its efficiency is at least 100 times higher than conventional spraying. In addition, it can also protect the health and safety of agricultural personnel. Or GPS flight control operation, spraying operators operate remotely to avoid the danger of exposure to pesticides and improve the safety of spraying operations.

Secondly, AG drones save resources, correspondingly reduce plant protection costs, and can save 50% of pesticide usage and 90% of water consumption.

In addition, best AG drones have the characteristics of low operating height, less drift, and hovering in the air. The downward airflow generated by the rotor when spraying pesticides helps increase the penetration of the logistics to the crops and has the advantages of good control effect.

Moreover, the overall size of the AG drone is small, light in weight, low in depreciation, easy to maintain, and low in labor cost per unit operation; it's easy to operate, the operator generally can master the essentials and perform tasks after about 30 days of training.

Looking forward to the future, the sensor technology and unmanned technology contained in AG drones can be applied to all aspects of agricultural production to build an unmanned "unmanned farm" that can even be used in the entire process of "cultivating, planting, managing, and harvesting". Combined with the sales and transportation of agricultural products, the whole chain industry is truly green, efficient, and unmanned.

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