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Advantages of Drone Agriculture Mapping

1. Higher accuracy of the data obtained by drone agriculture mapping

The application of drone agriculture mapping in agriculture has greatly improved the efficiency of farmland water conservancy construction. Traditional manual surveying and mapping methods always have certain errors. And due to the development of UAV agriculture mapping systems, for example, some UAV systems on the market currently have high GPS positioning accuracy, good wind resistance, and can hover stably in the air. Thanks to the dual-axis self-stabilizing pan-tilt, the user can manually remotely control the pan-tilt for side or circle shots of specific objects or areas, which makes the data obtained more accurate. Drone agriculture mapping makes the construction location of farmland water conservancy more suitable, which is conducive to the development of agriculture.

2. drone agriculture mapping can quickly obtain surface data

Drone agriculture mapping can bring digital cameras, digital colorful aerial cameras and other equipment to quickly obtain surface information, obtain high-resolution images, and then obtain more accurate data. Compared with traditional mapping methods, drone agriculture mapping has significant advantages, and it plays an increasingly important role in agricultural surveying and mapping and farmland water conservancy construction projects.

3. Strong comprehensive application ability of drone agriculture mapping

When using drones for surveying and mapping, not only can the drone agriculture mapping system be used to play its unique role, but the UAV can also be integrated with satellite remote sensing, aerial surveying and mapping, and ground monitoring methods to better complete the surveying and mapping to make the results more accurate. When conducting agricultural mapping, UAVs can be equipped with a variety of systems in order to better complete the work and improve efficiency.

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