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Advantages and Characteristics of UAV Application in Agricultural Plant Protection Industry

For now, UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) has become an important equipment in the process of agricultural production, which is mainly because that the plant protection UAV has a very wide range of applications and great advantages in the agricultural production industry,such as pest prevention, crop growth monitor. Thus I will explain the applications and advantages of UAV in agricultural plant protection industry.


1. Improve spraying efficiency and reduce environmental pollution

At present,spraying pesticides for pest prevention in many places in China still relies on manual spraying, so the pesticide utilization rate is only 20%. Most of them are waste in the local environment, which not only causes environmental pollution, but also causes waste of resources. So many places are beginning to use drones to spray pesticides, which is mainly because using UAV spraying can timely and effectively control the occurrence of diseases and insect pests in large areas, and compared with the traditional manual spraying, UAV spraying has the advantages like high efficiency, and not being limited by terrain factors, good penetration and so on. The UAV use in agriculture can reduce the influence of pesticides on people, and downward swirling air flow generated by the aircraft can effectively reduce the chemical drift on the environment.


2. High spraying efficiency not affected by terrain

Traditional manual spraying of pesticides is inefficient and tiring. However, use air drone for pesticide spraying is not only highly efficient, but also not influenced by the complex terrain and the diversification of planting mode, which is very convenient for the agricultural industry to popularize, and it is good for application in large tracts of land. In addition, UAV is generally composed by flight platform, navigation flight control and spraying mechanism in the process of plant protection. Spraying operation is achieved by ground remote control or navigation flight control. It can spray medicament, seeds, powders, etc.


3. Monitor crop growth and decrease loss from risk

Except spraying pesticides, UAV can also carry high-definition digital camera, spectrum analyzer, thermal infrared sensor and other devices to fly on the farmland, and accurately monitor the growth of crops, and the data collected by the UAV can be used to assess the risk of crops. And according to  the pest control work and actual effect in rice, wheat, corn, cotton and sugarcane, it can be proved that using UAV to monitor the normal growth of crops can help farmers to carry out targeted measures, and reduce risks and losses.


All in all, the application of UAV in agricultural plant protection industry has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and environmental protection and so on. These advantages make UAV widely used in agricultural plant protection industry, which makes many people switch to agricultural plant protection industry and become a professional plant protection pilot.

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