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Agriculture Drone For Sale
UAV drones are now more and more popular used for both military and residential use. UAV for sale have lots of advantages, such as low cost, more effective, no risk of casualties, good maneuverability and easy to use. They play an extremely important role in modern warfare and have a bright future in residential fields. UAVs can be used for mapping, surveying, meteorological exploration, air traffic control, border patrol monitoring, and plant protection and so on. China UAV drone provided by top UAV companies are constantly developing and improving, and will occupy a very important position in the future.
  • T1-10L Black Hawk Drone UAV
    Agriculture drone T1 has lots of advantages, low operation altitude, less drift, no need for take-off and landing airport, excellent control effect, and long-distance remote control from operator to avoid the risk of exposure to pesticides. T1 is widely used for plant protection.
  • T1-10L Nova Agriculture Drone Spraying
    T1-10L Nova Agriculture Drone Spraying has five levels of wind resistance and a slightly rain-proof body design, which can fly in light rain, light snow, fog and other weather; TTF agriculture drone spraying has sufficient power to adapt to high altitude flight.
  • Hybrid Drone TP416
    This is a high-end agricultural-grade multi-rotor drone with high equipment reliability and many advantages such as wind resistance, light rain prevention and long voyage time.
  • T1-10L Naza Agriculture Drone For Spraying Fertilizer And Pesticides (2017)
    Agriculture Spraying Drone T1-10L Naza use low-volume sprays, which are beneficial to reduce pesticide residues, improve pesticide utilization, reduce environmental pollution caused by chemical control, reduce damage to humans and animals, and improve the quality of agricultural products.
  • T1-10L Naza Multispectral Camera Agriculture Drone (2018)
    Agriculture Drone T1-10L Naza have functions such as pollination, spraying, identification, and monitoring. Compared with traditional artificial plant protection operations, Agriculture Drone T1-10L Naza has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, which are conducive to standardized agricultural production.
  • T1-16L UAV Farming AG Drone
    T1-16L portable sprayer has all the functions of T1-10L, and is equipped with a larger capacity for the water tank. TTF AG Drone T1-16L has a longer drone width and a larger spraying span. They can spray more land at the same time to improve work efficiency.
Commercial Drone For Sale
Top China Drone Company
It is not an easy task to order or purchase from distant supplier, especially in international trade. This is especially the case with China, due to different barriers in both culture and language. Finding the right cheap UAV drone supplier will greatly reduce the purchasing cost of UAV drones for sale, guarantee product quality and shorten procurement cycles. TTF Technology is a high-tech enterprise and professional Aero-Model manufacturer that unifies product design, research & development, production, marketing and customer service. Our main product is the Comsumer Drone, Agricultural Spraying Drone, UAV Power System, Drone Kits and so on. Compared to other Chinese UAV vendors, TTF as one of the UAV drone companies, has the most experienced engineering team to provide technical backups and consultation for our customers. Free consultation for DIY design is also available now!
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