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What are the Core Hardware Technologies of Drones?

The power system of the drone usually has two types: electric motors and internal combustion engines, among which electric motors are mainly used. The electric power system mainly includes the motor, flight controller ESC (control motor speed), propeller and quadcopter drone battery. Whether the various parts of the power system match, whether the power system matches the whole machine, directly affects the efficiency and stability of the whole machine, so the power system is crucial.

1. Motor. The motor of the drone is mainly a brushless motor, with one end is fixed to the motor seat of the frame arm, and one fixed the propeller, generating downward thrust by rotation. Different sizes and loads of racks need to be matched with motors of different specifications and powers. The motor is not said to be bigger, the better, the efficiency is the key.

2. Flight Controller ESC. A separate motor does not work and requires an flight controller ESC, which is used to control the speed of the motor. Like the motor, the power system with different loads needs to match the flight controller ESC of different specifications. Although the flight controller ESC is too large, there is not much image. But when the flight controller ESC is large, naturally it is heavy, and the efficiency will not improve naturally.

3. Propeller. The propeller is a component that directly generates thrust, and the first purpose is to pursue efficiency. Matching motors, flight controller ESCs and propellers can use less power at the same thrust, which extends the drone's battery life. Have you found that the propeller in the above picture has both positive and negative directions? Because the motor drives the propeller to rotate, it will generate an anti-torque force, which will cause the frame to rotate in the opposite direction. By rotating a motor forward and rotating a motor in reverse, the counter-torque can be offset by each other, and the direction of the corresponding propeller is reversed.

4. Quadcopter Drone Battery. At present, the quadcopter drone batteries of drones are mainly lithium polymer batteries, which are characterized by high energy density, light weight, high current resistance, etc. These characteristics are more suitable for drones. Some mobile phones also use lithium polymer batteries, but the charging and discharging capabilities are far less than those of the drones (the theoretical value of single-cell battery discharge capacity exceeds 400 amps). Since these batteries are used in the power system of the drone, they are also called "power batteries."

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