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Unmanned Small Selfie Drone Is Hot

In design, as a "mini self-timer Small Selfie Drone",its biggest selling point is that it is small and portable. People can easily put it into the pocket without pressure and travel with it. The newly released consumer class UAV has a folding design. The integrated fuselage has only one iPhone6 size and can be carried in the pocket. Generally, the wind resistance of a small UAV is relatively weak, and the stability of outdoor flight is poor. TTF's Small Selfie Drone can resist the 4 class wind, which meets the needs for shooting both indoor and outdoor scene. For self-timer, face recognition, target tracking and other functions are essential. The addition of this function increases the stability and diversity of photography. Time-lapse photography, continuous photography and other camera basic functions are also reflected on the Small Selfie Drone of TTF. As a "self-timer" UAV equipment, these details are still needed. 
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