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UAV Operation Flow Arrangement

Personnel assigned to each post after the flight of the pilot's flight inspection is essential. Motor, propeller, GPS is installed correctly, installed firmly. Power battery, remote control battery, battery power is enough radio flight. Aircraft parts of the fasteners are abnormal phenomenon if there is a rule to start the operation. Aircraft flight control parameters are normal. After each sortie in the process of changing the battery and pesticides need to check whether the abnormal line heating. Motor temperature is normal. Only careful inspection of each step to ensure the safe and efficient flight process.

Logistics personnel need to provide strong support for the fly hand, battery charging problem, clean up the site, installation of auxiliary pesticide problems, only the logistics guarantee, flight operations will be smoothly, without intermediate delay time is too long, can affect the efficiency of aircraft life force has been a short board of the motor. In order to ensure the efficiency of the battery and charger. A plane suggested at least 8 sets of batteries, the charging station, a generator, logistics personnel need to cooperate with a good battery charging, so that all aspects of seamless connection of the 3. Only in this way can we guarantee the adequacy of aircraft power batteries.

The observer and fly hand with direct impact on the safety of the aircraft, local time report the status of the aircraft to fly in the observer does not reach the hands of eyesight, and flight position, while avoiding obstacles to ensure coverage area of spraying operation.
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