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Tracker Selfie Drone That Can Beat All Selfie Devices

This drone is very simple to use, just carry the positioner on the body and then throw away the TTF tracker selfie drone. Next, you are free to move around. TTF takes use of the combination of GPS tracking locator and camera visual recognition to capture the owner's position. It will keep pace with the owner and does not require anyone to operate or control it. The actual measurement shows that Lily tracks the target with a moving speed of 25 mph (about 40 km/h) without pressure.

GPS tracker that can be attached to the wrist has a waterproof case.

The TTF tracker selfie drone is compact, and the four-axle designed drone adopts a folding rotor. After folding, it can be placed directly into the portable backpack. When you use the drone, just pull it out with one hand and throw it into the air like a dart. Then it starts working. When it is recycled, it will stop on your palm like a trained bird. You can call it "Followed camera" or "Thrown camera". In short, this is a portable photographer who can fly.

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