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Mini Smart Drone

Mini smart drone with neural hardware like human brain may fly up into the sky within this year to perform delivery tasks or supervise the growth of crops.

Neural chip make drone have the ability of perception and circumvention.

The industry leaders like Amazon, DHL, and Google are all researching and developing their own drone fleet for delivering consumer goods, fast food even medicine quickly. However, present drone only can fly within sight of manual operation, because they are worried about crashing.

Therefore, drone needs the automatic ability of perception and circumvention so that it can complete delivery mission. For drones, if they are put some objects or machine for recognizing things in video, they will be too big and heavy with high energy consumption, so it is not realistic, that is to say, drones need to depend on sensor with short distance like radar, however, radar can not provide enough warning for avoiding crash. Therefore, the key for solving this problem is simulating the working principle and system of animals and human brains. Our brains are not very good for dealing with digital tasks but they can quickly deal with complicated sensor output.

This company is establishing perception and circumvention system for drones by memristor. The memristor is made up with a kind of wire whose length is just hundredth of hair, the length of wire will be changed after being electrified and then go back to the original state after the power, its amplitude of variation can be turned into electric signal: longer wire with lower resistance, just like the nerve cell of brain, the state of memristor depends on the strength of electric signal. The bright prospect of memristor lies on its similarity with the state change of biological nerve, which is hard to explain, that is the basis of stimulating nerve and its relative learning system.
This kind of memristor that can simulate biological synaptic function can be used in flight control system, it can up to the control precision like flying insects. Smart drone from this company will make its first flight at the end of this year. They will connect nerve system with one chip size with the existing camera, researches can train this nerve system so that it can recognize the long-rage aircraft and other danger. This system can also recognize clouds, birds, buildings or launch towers, it will judge the exact distance between itself and other objects by using visual signal, that is why drone can customize new way to avoid crushing and achieve real-time update. It can distinguish itself in various fields.

Perception and circumvention function make drone shuttle back and forth through cities and delivery package like birds and insects, drones with nerve sensors can land everywhere, even in balcony to give people surprise.

Besides, automatic recognition of drone can make it strut itself in agricultural field. Agricultural drone can make an inspect tour for farm to find out their growth in less prosperous areas and provide detailed information about if farm need water, waste or insecticide.

But in industrial circle, new mini smart drone can patrol pipeline, find out problems or find out the fault of electric system. At home, smart drone can clean glass, take out the trash, weeding for garden or look for available parking place. It will hangs back to look for parking area. This kind of drone can track population quantity of animals, the system can not only fly automatically but also can recognize a fawn and a wolf.

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