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Maintenance is Very Important for Drones for Agriculture

As the saying goes”Three points to be repaired, seven points to be maintained for automobile”

Busy work drawing to a close, paddles feel greasily, white medicine kit becomes colorful with pesticide smell, upper and lower shell is full of dust, electrical machinery, electronic speed controller and motor vent is also full of dust. It is time for maintaining plant protection drone.

The maintenance for agriculture drone is not only cleaning complete machine but also for its dynamic system, system connection should be tested professionally, sometimes it is necessary to change water tank and paddle or some other parts. These maintenance can reduce the incident rate of accident in flight to improve stability and let drone meet the nest assignment with best state.

Whole machine cleaning

Agriculture drone spraying is now mainly used for spraying of pesticide and leaf fertilizer, after working, there must be some pesticide, dust and soil in water tank, engine arm, pipeline, paddle and some other parts, cleaning them can make sure they will not be corroded by pesticide, users should clean plant protection drone by tearing them and then wipe with dry cloth or airing them so that they can be stored.
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