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How to Choose Propeller for Racing Drone Esc

Propeller blade plays a very important role in power of racing drone and then influences drone flight. But now there many kinds of propeller blade in the market with different function. How racing drone to choose propeller blade for improving flight efficiency?
Propeller blade is the one of dynamic system of drone, its material mainly is wood, plastic or carbon fiber, it is chosen according to the parameter of air vehicle.

The specifications of Racing Drone Esc

The specifications of propeller blade is always shown by four numbers, the first two digits stand for diameter while the last two digits stand for screw pitch.

The relation between the number of propeller blade and efficiency is: less propeller blade, high efficiency.

The function of propeller blade: For plant protection drone, down wind field from propeller blade is the effective power for crop spraying.

The choice of propeller blade has something to do with KV value of electrical machinery. In general, higher KV value chooses high speed rotor( small size), lower KV value is with low speed rotor( large size). Besides, same electrical machinery with different KV value will choose different propeller blade, relatively speaking, too small propeller blade can’t play with biggest thrust while too large propeller blade will cause electrical machinery overheating and demagnetization and reduce its performance. That is to say, whether small horse drags large car or big horse drags small car. Lower KV value, larger torque of electrical machinery with lower revolving speed when the specifications of electricity machinery are the same. Therefore, we should choose propeller blade with large torque and big size. Higher KV value, smaller torque of electrical machinery with high revolving speed, so we should propeller blade with small torque and small size. Whe the specifications of electrical machinery are different, larger diameter and height of electrical machinery stands for higher power so that propeller blade with large torque and large size should be chosen to improve efficiency.

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