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How Much Do You know About The Flight Controller of Drones?

Speaking of the flight controller system (in short, we call it flight controller). Let alone the drones, since the birth of the aircraft, the flying controller has been accompanied by it. It is like the brain, the core of its flight state. Whether the aircraft is in flight or in a variety of circling, diving and lateral flight, it can be said that the aircraft can not maintain normal flight without the flight controller. However, the flight controller of the drone, a small integrated board, which condensed the center of a drone. It is impossible for us to understand how much energy it contains. As a common person, you only need to know that it controls the flying state of a drone.

The flight controller of the drones has also experienced several stages of development from the start to the present. The scientific and technological products have always been experienced these. These products are upgraded quickly and replaced day by day. Yesterday, it was also proud to develop a new product, but it will soon be faced with the risk of being replaced. This is also an important reason why many vendors are racking their brains to develop new products to cater to the market. Today we mainly compare the four representative flight controllers about F1, F3, F4 and F7.

F1, F3, F4 and F7 are four different series of STM32 processors. Just like CPU is the brain of a computer, STM32 processor is equivalent to the brain of the flight controller. At present, there are 10 series of STM. According to their performance, they are arranged as follows: H7, F7, F4, F3, F2, F1, F0, L4, L1, L0.

At present, F4 has become the mainstream trend of flight controller in the market. However, it is undeniable that F1 and F3 have become the leading factors of flight controller for a long time. TTF offers you the best f4 flight controller that definitely meets your needs!
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