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Handpick Drone Frame Kit

Generally, when green hands operate drone is just like new drivers without license, they drive cars on the street on the rampage, it is easy to bump into the barrier carelessly, it is easy to destroy drones. For green hands, it is important to purchase a series of crashworthy drone parts.

1.Propeller guard
Propeller of drones is drones' whole power source, if propeller knocks into a branch or wall, it will get hurt with losing power, at last, drones will fall down and destroy. For green hands, it is necessary to purchase a propeller guard.

2.Uav cradle protection for protecting drone when takes aerial photos, platform camera is always on the bottom of drones, if there is no protection for it, naked platform camera will get broken easily. When drone is landing, if ground is not smooth, platform camera will have a crash with ground, it is easy to scratch shot or destroy camera. You can buy some matched protective tools in universal Taobao.

3.Just like camera, platform camera has its relative UV and lens hood, which can prevent lens touching with ground, they also can prevent some daily scratch and crash. Besides, there are some goods about PL, it is also called filter with protection.

4.There are two kinds of platform stands: one is steel plat that is used for reinforcing joint, the other is reinforcing rib under the platform, these all can protect platform, the second one can hide a drone frame kit of sight with obvious protective effect, the first one will not influence the sight of shooting with certain protective effect. However, if drone s crash too violently, its protective effect is not absolute.
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