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Easy Operation TTF Agricultural UAV Spraying

What corresponding to simple use is easy operation. This is the fundamental objective of agricultural UAV spraying' application in agricultural production as well as the goals that must be achieved.

TTF agricultural UAV spraying is praised because they can finish work with high quality and efficiency, which used to need plenty of labors and time.

For example, with the help of TTF30L three-in-one drones(spray, atomization and fertilization), spraying and fertilizing can be finished easily, because load of 30L drones can up to 1500 mu a day, it also can suit for various crop fields, such as for soybean land, its quantity of work a day can up to 1000-1500 mu, for corn field, its quantity of work a day can up to 600-1000 mu, about orchard, its quantity of work a day can up to 400-600 mu.

When its load up to 65L or even 80L, its relative quantity of work will increase sharply. It can effectively prevent harm from pesticide with more safety when it compared to manual spraying or small computer dynamic spray machine.

TTF agricultural UAV spraying has opened up the rural market quickly and got into much production of agriculturists with the support of its excellent performance and various activities, therefore, it has achieved good evaluation.

Of course, it is certain that the advantages of TTF agricultural UAV spraying is not only “ simple use and easy operation”, long service life is also its advantage. Such as the brushless motor that is designed for plant protection , it is with advantages of light weight, small volume and labor-saving. By the way, it can keep working for 3000 hours.

However, with the constantly research and development pf technology, agricultural UAV spraying must be easier for users to operate. As the keeper and leader of this kind trend, TTF will strength development on the basis of “ simple use and easy operation" and reduce the difficulties of operation as well as promote working efficiency. TTF will try its best to make agricultural production easier.
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