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Customizing Drone Parts

The industry chain of police drone is the same as other industrial drones, it can be divided into upstream research and manufacture, midstream sale and operation and downstream maintenance and insurance.

Upstream industry is mainly the research and development of drone parts and key technology. So upstream companies include 1.professionally engaging in custom drone parts and researching key technology; 2. engaging in the research and development of complete drones, the drone parts and key technology can purchase from other professional companies or research and develop them independently.

Most of drones will customize drone parts, such as data, video transfer software and wing material, they are not only for drones, so there are many mature suppliers in the market, for example, there are Samsung and Huawei for data and video transfer software. However, the core or system of drones is flight control system and dynamical system, which decides the stability, safety, cruising ability and loading capacity. It is said that only drones from suppliers with these two key technologies can have quality insurance and core competitiveness. Companies that only follow the trend to take up drone industry without core technology will be kicked out gradually.

At present, many companies of drone industry are gathering in upper and middle industrial chain, that is to say complete machine assemblage and sale. On the one hand, they have problems in technology, on the other hand, they don’t have right of bargaining. Therefore, these companies can consider engaging in upstream and focusing on the supply of mission payloads.
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