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Basic Principles and Advantage Analysis of Flying Camera Drone Tilt Photogrammetry

1.Basic principles
Tilting aerial photography is a new type of aerial photography that uses tilted aerial cameras to acquire ground information. Tilting aerial photography is different from traditional vertical aerial photography. Tilting cameras usually use five directions for data acquisition. They are divided into positive, front, rear, left, and right views. With the inertial navigation system to obtain high-precision position and attitude information and specific data processing software to process data, all images are incorporated into a unified coordinate system.

2 Technical advantages of TTF flying camera drone
(1) Authenticity
The tilt image allows the user to observe from multiple angles, more realistically reproduce the actual situation of the object, and infinitely approach the real world, making up for the deficiency of the traditional orthophoto.
(2) measurability
Through the application of the supporting software, the tilt image can directly measure the height, length, area, and angle based on the result image, and acquire the data in real time.
(3) Rich texture
Compared to traditional vertical images, tilted images have their own unique advantages: It provides a wealth of building facade information. With the facade information of the building, the surface texture of the building is acquired, which has a profound impact on three-dimensional modeling.
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