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2017 Aviation Expo China

Aviation Expo/China, the only aviation exhibition to be held in Beijing since 1984, has been a part of the 32-year development of China's aviation industry. This biennial event is currently one of the most influential and prestigious in the industry.

Aircrafts (CIVIL, GA and UAV)  
Avionics & Airborne Systems  
Engines & Engine Parts       
Flight Training & Simulators 
Hydraulic System & Pneumatic System  
Light Metals & Composite Materials  
ATC & Airport Ground Support Facilities 
MRO Equipments & Technologies 
Research & Design    
Precision Manufacturing Equipment 
Welding Equipment and Technologies    
Assembling Equipment & Technologies 
Aviation Inspection & Testing Equipment 
Air-Rescue Equipment 
Airport & FBO           
Aircraft Interiors 
Air Transportation & Logistics   
Space Shuttles 
Space Communications and Navigation Equipment    
Aviation Finance 
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
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