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Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova

Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova

Full carbon fiber made
Waterproof and dustproof
Detachable arm
Power redundancy
long flight time
  • Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova
  • Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova
  • Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova
  • Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova
  • Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova
  • Agriculture drone frame T1-10L Nova
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Product Description:
Agriculture spray hexacopter drone frame kit included spray system
Full carbon fiber frame body (wing arms, landing gear)
Umbrella folded
Additional reinforcement safety screw holes
The spray syetem included 20L water tank,water pump,water pipes,nozzles,connectors)
The frame Parameter:
Size: 920*920*480mm (Expand)
590*590*480mm (folded)
Weight: about 6KG
The diameter of wing arm tubes:40mm
The diameter of landing gear tubes:20mm
Load: 10L

Job parameters:
Spray width: 3-5 meters
Flight speed:0-10m/s
Takeoff  weight:over 25KG
Single work area: 2 acres/per sorties
The w ater Pump max pressure: 1MPA
flight duration:10-15min(normal working time)
Spray flow: 2.5-4.0L / min(kz80-06 nozzles)
2.0-3.0L / min(TR80-0067 nozzles)

Recommended flight control system , power configuration(not included):
flight control system:TopXgun T1-A,BOYING PALADIN,JIYI K3-A,DJI N3-AG or A3-AG
power system:DJI E7000 power system combos
remote controller:SIYI DK32 , FUAV M12 , DJI datalink 3
lipo-battery:6S 14000mAh x 2 pcs or 12S 28000mAh x 1 piece
Package list:

10L Agriculture spray hexacopter drone frame + spraying kit * 1 set

Please note:

the item is only the airframe kit with spray system(water tank,water pump,nozzles,pipes,connectors)
the item don`t included flight control system,and power kit(motor and ESC),battery,remote controller,propellers

1) Full carbon fiber made
2) Light weight, stiff and stable, long flight time
3) Detachable arm, easy for carrying and maintenance
4) Waterproof and dustproof
5) Power redundancy makes it more reliable

The frame is designed for heavy payload more than 30KG.

The item is just the frame, not include motor, propeller, ESC, flight controller, battery, transmitter etc. You may need buy these parts extra!

Parameter of the Frame:

Symmetrical Motor Wheelbase: 130CM
Centre plate diameter: about 40CM
Center thickness: 3.0MM
Arm Size: 31MM * 35MM (Thickness 2.0MM)
Frame Weight (with landing gear): 4.3KG
Expanded Size: Length:140CM Width:140CM Height:54CM (Without Paddle)
Folded Size: length Length:63CM Width:58CM Height:69CM
The Frame has strong enough structure to bear above 100KG payload. So, it is suitable for some heavy carrying application.


Carbon Fiber

Diagonal Wheelbase


Material Thickness






Bear Weight

25 Kg



Anti-wind Grade 


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