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Drone Charger E3

Drone Charger E3

E3 Lipo(2-3s) Balance Charger
The absolute cheapest charger
Balance automatically
Reverse polarity protection
Explanation of LED Status
  • Drone Charger E3
  • Drone Charger E3
  • Drone Charger E3
  • Drone Charger E3
  • Drone Charger E3
  • Drone Charger E3
  • Drone Charger E3
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  • Specification
If you are looking for the absolute cheapest 2s lipo balance battery charger that still works well the E3 is your best bet. It is super easy to use, just plug into a plug socket, and connect your 2 cell lipo charger balance lead and it will start charging. The only downside is that it has only 11W of power so you can charge at a maximum of 1A, so this limits the charger to Lipo Batteries less than 3500Mah, otherwise you will end up waiting several hours to charge your battery.

E3 Lipo(2-3s) 2s Battery Charger

Power Output: 11W

E3 AC balance charger is designed for 2‐3s LiPo battery. Its simpleness and low‐cost make it not only popular in RC world but also find its place in airsoft market.
Allowable AC Input: 100-240V
Maximum Charge Circuit Power: 13W
Handy: inexpensive, portable and easy to operate
Balance Mode: balance automatically with balancer built-in
Safe: short circuit/ reverse polarity protection
Explanation of LED Status
Charge Status LED

LED Indicator

Charger Status

LED stays green and flashes red

The charger is ready to charge

LED glows constant red

The charger is charging

LED glows constant green

The charging process finishes

Error Message

All LEDs flashes red once and stop 1 second in cycle

The battery connects incorrectly

All LEDs flashes red twice and stop 1 second in cycle

The charger encounters overload or short circuit

All LEDs flashes red four times and stop 1 second in cycle

The voltage of single cell is too high or too low

All LEDs flashes red six times and stop 1 second in cycle

There is a 300mv difference of voltage between battery pack

Note: It's also worth noting that there are some considerably cheaper chargers around like the Imax B3 chargers, but I would suggest you avoid these as they have a history having problems (possibly due to many fake chargers on the market) and are not very accurate in terms of voltage monitoring and cell balancing which will ultimately result in your battery degrading faster.

AC Input

100-240VAC, 50-60Hz

Battery Type


Cell Count

2-3 cells

Charge Current

1.2A Max

Cell Terminate Voltage


Circuit Power



88*57*35 mm


103 g

Included Components: E3*1, AC Power Cord*1, Instruction Manual*1

E3 charger
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