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Selfie Drone

The culture of taking selfies that we live in has given us some awesome new toys – the selfie drones. Taking pictures using your smartphone isn't always practical. You always seem to miss the best shots, and using a selfie stick isn't any better either.

With this in mind, we've produce the best personal drone and mini selfie drone currently on the market. These drones are small, equipped with good quality cameras, typically work using an app on your smartphone, and are worlds better than any other camera option.

Have you ever wanted to get a snapshot of yourself climbing the side of a mountain, but have no way to do it? Selfie drones give you that power.

What is the Hover Selfie Drone?

Drone selfi have followed suit with the selfie craze, which is basically taking pictures of you directly by yourself, in a group, doing an activity, etc. Selfies drone are regular drones that either have features or a made to utilize selfies to the full effect.

Selfie quadcopter is designed with selfies in mind, having certain functions, such as facial recognition, to be able to narrow down the activity you're doing, where you are, etc to get the perfect shot.

Small but Clever--Best Drone for Selfies

Don’t be deceived by its size. These are small and compact but packs in a ton of features. Facial detection, target tracking, orbit mode, automatic take-off and landing, aerial acrobatics, and much more… and all of this powered by the new  Flight platform.

You can discreetly store your small selfie drone with video function in almost every bag. Really practical: your smartphone serves as the controller with live image transmission. The integrated and pivotable 4K UHD camera captures strikngly sharp selfies, aerial photos and snapshots.

Versatile Flight Conrol
Foldable selfie drone is a true versatile drone, letting you master its flight in just minutes. With multiple control modes such as gesture control, slide to control, and even the traditional joystick control, and these are  easy to use for amateurs and has enough customization for experienced drone flyers.

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