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Racing Drone F195

Racing Drone F195

New carbon fiber material
Super good discharge capacity
DIY version with all kits ready
F3 flight control system
True-x shape frame
  • Racing Drone F195
  • Racing Drone F195
  • Racing Drone F195
  • Racing Drone F195
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  • Specification
1.Light weight, new carbon fiber material, 30% lighter than the traditional material.
2.Two sets of 3.5mm thick carbon fiber arms, including flat ones and 28-degree curved ones
3.True-x shape frame, standard center, making a lower center of gravity and more accurate flight action.
4.F3 flight control system with integrated 5.8G VTX and 4-in-1 BLHeli-S ESC
5.5.8G real-time image transmission, 40-channel wide coverage, 25/200/400Mw switchable.
6.Its 800 TVL HD CCD camera has 40-degree adjustable angle and supports low illumination.
7.DIY version with all kits ready, fast installation and simple wiring.

Light weight carbon fiber drone frame, artificial spray coating the edges with gold or silver color. Player can choose their favorite color.
New way to play and new equipment F195, using light weight carbon fiber. 3.5mm thickness arm, two designs for optional; 28-degree curved arm and flat sheet arm, player can install different arm as they like.

Motor: TTF2205-2600KV
F195 comes with racing brushless motor 2205, a practical motor in FPV drone racing field, and 2600KV, a new racing KV.

High TG PCB board, blind vies, copper thickness reaches 30Z, with a super good discharge capacity using 21 Japanese TDK capacitors, Toshiba’s top MOS tube. Flight support 4S maximum voltage, single ESC can reach 40A maximum electric current. The processor adopts EFM8BB2 and independent motor driver chip. Comprehensive performance is very excellent, ESC performance ranks top level in the market. PCB board supplier is the same with DJI’s, with very excellent process performance.

F3 Flight controller

Omnibus F3 integrated flight controller, humanized design, emitter can be turned off to avoid interference when multi-player. Direct matching BLHELI-S 20 A four in one ESC module, installation space has been increased, siring problems have been solved, and safety is improved.

F195 equipped with 1177 FPV camera, ultra-wide tendency. Super backlighting, providing you a good visual angle. Camera can be adjusted into your favorite angle; max angle is 40-degree. Good low light performance.


Brand: TTF F1


Model: TTF2205-2600KVBrushless Motor

NO. of Cells: 2-4S LIPO


Max Thrust: 440g/ piece

Flight Controller

Omnibus F3

Integrated with 5.8G FPV transmitter

Supporting CleanFlight


Video Resolution: 800TVL(horizontal resolution)

Video Standards: PAL

Sensor: CCD


Firmware: 4- in 1 BLHeli-S 20A


Product Weight: 0.25kg

Package Weight: 0.54kg

Package Size: 23*23*10 cm

Package Contents

Package Contents: 4 x Flat Arm, 4 x Curved Arm, 1 x Body Frame, 4 x Motor, 4 x Motor Protective Frame, 1 x Flight Controller, 1 x 4-in -1 BLHeli – S 20A ESC, 1 x FPV Camera, 1 x Antenna, 8 x 5045 Tri- blade Propeller, 1 x Pack of Accessories 

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