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Racing Drone F130

Racing Drone F130

Carbon fiber compodite material
PP injestion moulding sheel
Suitalbe light volume
Multifunctional module design
5.8G image transmission
  • Racing Drone F130
  • Racing Drone F130
  • Racing Drone F130
  • Racing Drone F130
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FPV Drone Racer F130

1.Carbon fiber compodite material and PP injestion moulding sheel are used for main body, with a good tenacity and Anti-fall ability.
2.Suitable light volume for both outdoor and indoor flight, Module design has been lightened.
3.Using the new BEHELI-S four in one ESC, which makes a better flight linearity.
4.Adopting multifunctional module design, F3 flight control and 5.8G image transmission have been integrated.

PP environmental protection material with good toughness and resistance to fall with three colors to optional.

Motor: TTF1306-3600KV
Weight: 10g
Thrust: 265g

Precision CNC aluminum alloy shell, anodic oxidation treatment. 420F stainless steel shaft, 2.0mm and HRC 50 hardness, QA anaerobic red pure copper enameled wire, working under 155-degree C. Unique production process, balance test< 2 mg. 0.2mm laminated process stator, imported from Kawasaki, Japan. With 45H ND-Fe-B magnets, working under 120-degree C.
High quality Japan imported NMB bearing.
304 stainless steel U-shaped retaining spring.
Leakage test on each product.

High TG PCB board, blind vies, copper thickness reaches 30Z, with a super good discharge capacity using 21 Japanese TDK capacitors, Toshiba’s top MOS tube. Flight support 4S maximum voltage, single ESC can reach 40A maximum electric current. The processor adopts EFM8BB2 and independent motor driver chip. Comprehensive performance is very excellent, ESC performance ranks top level in the market. PCB board supplier is the same with DJI’s, with very excellent process performance.

F3 Flight controller

Omnibus F3 integrated flight controller, humanized design, emitter can be turned off to avoid interference when multi-player. Direct matching BLHELI-S 20 A four in one ESC module, installation space has been increased, siring problems have been solved, and safety is improved.

With ultra-high reduction and ultra-wide dynamicity, the beautifully colored high-definition camera 600TVL exceptionally performs under the lowlight and backlight surrounding, and capable of perfectly adapting to complicated environments.


Brand: TTF F130

Type: Frame Kit

Version: BNF


Model: TTF1306-3600KV Brushless Motor

NO. of Cells: 2-4S LIPO


Flight Controller

Omnibus F3

Integrated with 5.8G FPV transmitter

Supporting CleanFlight


Video Resolution: 600TVL (horizontal resolution)

Video Standards: PAL / NTSC

Sensor: CMOS

FOV: 100 degree

Video Output: 1.0 Vp-b 75 ohm

Power Input: 5V DC


Firmware: 4- in 1 BLHeli-S 20A


Product Weight: 0.13kg

Package Weight: 0.42kg

Product Size: 15*12*4 cm

Package Size: 20*16*8 cm

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x 130 Frame Kit (including Motors), 3 x PP Cover, 2 x Adhesive Strap, 1 x English Manual, 1 x Antenna, 8 x Propeller, 1 x XT30 Battery Terminal Adapter, 2 x Receiver Connection Cable

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